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Plump Vaginal Iips

Many women want to have more full and luscious outer vaginal lips. These types of lips are typically found in younger women in their teens and early twenties. Gradually with time and the aging process, the outer vaginal lips start loosing their size and shape. Becoming flat or concaved in cases of women with menopause.

Most men tend to like the full round and well-defined shape of young women. They tend to be an indicator of youth and health in a female. Women’s bodies whether we like to accept it or not, go hand in hand with beauty and shape. In this case size does matter when it comes to the lips, if you want full lips on your face, guess what the lips of the pussy also follow the same trend.

Probably you have heard of camel toes. Well these come to light on a woman’s body when she is wearing tight clothing that hug the vulva. You can see the shape of the outer vaginal lips through the clothing. It is highly alluring for many men to be able to see what is the shape of a woman’s vulva based on how well it shows. Think of it as cleavage, the more you show, the more enticing it is to the opposite sex, well the same thing happens with the vulva.

Many fashion designers create clothing specifically to hug the female genitalia in such a manner that it is perfect for women to show her camel toe. Many young women tend to purchase tight clothes with the intent for it to hug the body and exhibit their shapely bodies. This may be the case also why so many young women nowadays do not wear any underwear or opt for thongs. Since it does not hinder one’s ability to show her vulva through clothing as oppose to wearing underwear, which would distort the entire shape.

With all the reasons outlined, it is quite obvious why so many women want to be able to have a perfect camel toe between their legs. Women who have it strut it and love the attention it comes with it. Women who do not complain and try to censor it, because it poses a threat of competition. It is all primal in the quest to seek or retain a mate.

Therefore, can the outer vaginal lips be plumped up or is it possible to make them more full round and luscious? The answer is yes, vacuum pumping of the vulva or labia majora will augment the size of the outer vaginal lips. It will make them more full and pouty over some time of pumping the lips down there.

What vacuum pumping will do to the outer vaginal lips is that it will force blood into the soft tissues. This is known as labia engorgement, a process that normally takes place during sexual arousal in any healthy woman. The outer vaginal lips fill with blood; they become more full and shapely. Through vacuum pumping, this is achieved artificially.

Vacuum pumping will induce tissue development over time and frequency of pumping. The lips swell slightly after each pumping session and this over time translates to tissues developing and retaining new size. So gradually, you start noticing more full round vaginal lips, if targeted properly. This is the key, which needs to be achieved; otherwise, it will not be helpful if you cannot target the growth in the right places.

Vacuum pumping of any part of the body can be done for pleasure, enhancement and body modification, so you need to understand how to achieve what you want to achieve. It is not as simple as pumping it up and see what happens. You need to have a plan and follow through with it.

Otherwise, if you pump the outer lips and you get to the point where you over done it, you will then have a modified vulva. Where the vulva will look completely odd and huge, taking on a shape that only a woman who wanted a body modification experience to enjoy but not the average woman.

This is why you need to know what you are doing and how to achieve it in a concise and safe manner. Overall, tissue development of the labia majora can be achieved through vacuum pumping as we have noted through our experiences.

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